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Planning Your Wedding

A wedding is unlike any other event; two people are brought together to join hands in a partnership for a lifetime; and as such, planning such an event is also just as unique. However, the wedding itself is just as important to the family and loved ones of the couple, who would have, in the months prior, put in great effort and hard work, to ensure the two individuals have a beautiful and memorable day. Many months; sometimes a year or so; goes into planning the perfect wedding, and several factors must be considered and planned to complete the special day.

Hiring a wedding planner

Wedding planners are popular nowadays, as they will handle all the countless aspects in planning a wedding, for a price. However, a wedding planner may be hired as further ahead as a year before the date of the event, as most wedding planners are fully booked, if not.

Finding a venue

One of the most important aspects is the locating of a venue for the wedding. ‘Wedding season’ is usually the month of June, and if you are planning on having the wedding within this month, the popularity of this period means that reserving the venue of your choice must be done at least six months, and sometimes up to a year, in advance, depending on the popularity of the venue. Even if a June wedding is not what is in store, a venue for a wedding must still be booked close to six months prior to make sure that you are not disappointed in terms of receiving a booking on the date of your choice.

Most venues do offer the option to order food for the day from their own premises (such as hotels), but others may require special catering from a catering service.

The rings

Undoubtedly one of the most crucial elements of the ceremony, the rings that are exchanged along with the vows, complete the day. Many opt to purchase ready-made wedding rings, but if a custom made wedding ring is more your forte, then this too must be planned ahead and designed and executed at least two to three months prior to the event.

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Decorations for the wedding

Decorations such as fresh flowers and table centerpieces should be ordered and designed about four or five months prior, or as soon as a venue is confirmed. Selecting a florist that will create customized decorations based on your taste is also vital. However, flowers can be one of the most expensive decorative items, and as such, selecting which types to use must be done prudently, according to your budget.